The Talisman Project printed images

Included within the dialogue of the Talisman Project we commissioned photographer Danilo David Santana to create large scale photographs; continuing the play on scale between body and object. In this series of five photographs the cast bronze figures created by Mia are encapsulated, protected and given a status of a talisman by being held in the hands of the maker. The series of figures graduate from closed to open as do the hands that frame them, suggesting at the physical, mental and spiritual process of metamorphosis we share as the human experience. 

The exhibition images are 1000mm x 1333mm Lambda photographic prints on Kodak archival paper in a limited edition of 10 each and available for purchase.

A3 posters with an additional sixth image are also available as a set ($50 for a series of 6 images) or individually $10 per image. Contact or to order.